Military Branch Miscellaneous Materials

1. Air Force
Department of the Air Force, Headquarters USAF/JAG, Memorandum for all Staff Judge Advocates and Military Judges, Re: Commander Inquiries on Members Stating They are Homosexual, Nov. 3, 1993 (“Air Force JAG Memo”). [This document has been reformatted].

Air Force JAG Memo, attachment 1, “Tips for Inquiry Officers of Cases Involving Members Who State They Are Homosexual.” [This document has been reformatted].

Air Force JAG Memo,attachment 2, “Sample Questions for Inquiry Concerning Member who States He is Homosexual After Receiving Advanced Education Benefits.” [This document has been reformatted].

2. Army

Commander’s Inquiry, Sgt. Steven Spencer, pp. l-2 (attachment to Able Complaint).

3. Marine Corps

Injunction Regarding Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Interim Policy (U.S. Marine Corps; Date Signed: 7/12/2011; MARADMIN Active Number: 387/11 2011) [“Purpose. This MARADMIN notifies all Marince Corps personnel of the Interim Policy regarding the law known as Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (10 U.S.C. 654) and its implementing regulations. Until further notice, commanders will not enforce Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and its implementing regulations (Refs B-H). Accordingly, MARADMIN 607/10 is hereby cancelled.”]
See also: DOD Orders Halt to ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Enforcement, by Karen Parrish, American Forces Press Service (Jul. 8, 2011). And see here for related news items

U.S. Marine Corps Legal Service Support Section Policy Memorandum 2-93 Re: Detailing Counsel, Requests for Individual Military Counsel (IMC), Detailing Counsel for Respondent for Administrative Boards, and Providing Legal Advice by Defense Counsel, Aug. 24, 1993.

4. Navy

Memorandum of Department of the Navy Code 34 Re: Homosexual Administrative Discharge Board/Show Cause Hearings, June 1994 [This document has been reformatted].

Memorandum re: Enlistment of Men of Colored Race, January, 1942 [Note: poor quality image]