Philips v. Perry

Court Decisions

883 F. Supp. 539 (W.D. Wash. 1995).

Court Papers

Mark A. Philips, U.S. Navy
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, No. 95-35293, Civ. Action No. CV-93-11154-WD
United States District Court for the District of Washington at Seattle, No. C93-154

Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and Order to Show Cause Why a Preliminary Injunction Should Not Issue; December, 1994 [Includes Memorandum in Support of Motion]

Order on Motions for Summary Judgment; March 17, 1995

United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals,
No. 95-35293, Civ. Action No. CV-93-11154-WD

Appellant’s Opening Brief; August 14, 1995

Brief for Appellees; October 27, 1995

Reply Brief of Appellant; November 9, 1995